Enable product leadership, predictability, digital controls and customer delight

The New and innovative

  • Digital is the future
  • Every industry is undergoing a dramatic transformation
  • It requires excellence in data governance, analysis and use
  • It enables greater customer intimacy

The Tried and True

  • Digital Lean sigma™ has stood the test of time. It works.
  • Faster, more accurate processes do lead to greater scalability, cost-efficiencies and customer satisfaction
  • But it’s no longer enough…

Why do we need Digital Lean Sigma™?

50% of robotic automation projects fail

70% of digital transformation projects fail

If you’re not doing these things, your competition will beat you

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, companies must excel on multiple fronts.  

Operational excellence means flexible, low-cost and fast operations that can satisfy changing customer requirements.  

Product leadership means being able to update your product in response to or even in anticipation of changing customer requirements.  

That requires customer intimacy –knowing and even anticipating what your customers want and need.  That’s what delights customers and increases their trust in you.   

None of this can be done without creative and empowered employees who know how to go the extra mile.  

All these strategic imperatives require machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide insight, prediction, predictability and control for the business.  


What we offer

Training and Certification

We provide training and certifications in change management and process improvement for your leadership and employees.

Coaching and Mentoring

We help you apply what you learned in training to your operations and to your business.

Process Optimization

We can help you streamline your processes in time for your robotic automation or digital transformation project.  

Digital Twin

We help you develop a Digital Twin of your business.  Test new ideas before you commit them to production.

We provide you with a structured, step-by-step process to get you from where you are to where you need to go.

Digitized, faster and more accurate processes give you unparalleled visibility over your business.  It gives you more time to consider your strategic options and to test new ideas before you implement them.  

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Quick wins

Quick wins improvements you can make immediately to your processes, no training or consulting required! 

Operational Excellence

Operational ExcellenceA list of breakthrough improvement projects (>30% improvements over baseline)

Employee empowerment training plan

An Employee empowerment training plan for greater human resource capacity

A list of simple digital projects

list of simple digital projects that can help you gain greater customer intimacy

creating a Digital Twin of your Business

A plan for creating a Digital Twin of your Business that provides a strategic resource for growth

Why do automation and digital projects fail?

It’s quite simple, really.  Every project needs to balance 3 factors.

Most business projects just focus on technology.  It’s the easiest and most obvious thing to do.  Technology is almost magical in how it works.  When it works.  

Occasionally, a few really bad process issues will get fixed during an automation project because it’s obvious that the technology won’t work without those fixes. Processes are not made as efficient as possible.  Automating inefficient processes does not lead to greater efficiency.  It actually leads to faster chaos.  

Employees are hard-pressed to work in an environment that is producing more defects, faster.  Senior management gets overwhelmed and the project has to be shut down.  ​​

Most automation projects also only provide technology-specific training, but ignore employee engagement, general productivity skills and creativity skills.  These are increasingly important in a world of mass customization and personalization.  ​

The take-away message for businesses wishing to succeed with automation and digital projects is to take a balanced perspective to change management: Ensure your processes are as efficient as possible and that your employees are trained in change management and business process improvement.