SRA Academy’s mission

To help North American businesses and non-profits make breakthrough improvements in service and product quality so they can delight their customers. 

In a digital world, product and service quality mean very different things.  Increasingly, the customer journey and good governance of data are part of the service mix.  

We are energized by evolving world events.  Industries are digitizing rapidly.  It is affecting every industry, including financial services, retail, aerospace and the automotive industries.  Even healthcare is slowly being digitized.  Is your company ready?  Will you be successful, or will you be disrupted?  

The imperative for having world class processes is greater than ever.  Those who try to automate their existing processes quickly realize that speeding up inefficient processes is no recipe for success.  Faster chaos leads to employee burnout and poor customer satisfaction.  Training machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms on poor quality data leads to bad predictions.  Which in turn lead to mediocre results and poor profits.  Who wants that?

How does SRA Academy help? 

By going back to the basics of good process understanding and discipline.  High quality data.  Hearing the voice of the customer.  Speaking a universal language of quality, productivity and customer delight.  

Digital Lean Sigma™ has stood the test of time.  It’s been around for over 40 years precisely because it helps companies achieve operational excellence. 

How is SRA Academy different? 

We help you take Digital Lean Sigma™ into the digital world.  Our instructors and curriculum developers  have a solid understanding and extensive experience with all types of processes, from sales, to manufacturing, to services and non-profit services.  We help you step by step to streamline processes, put in good governance for your data so it can be used for digital transformation and then develop machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to enhance your company’s and your employees’ abilities to delight the customer with new product and service offerings.