About this workshop

Productivity, profitability, quality and innovation are key elements of your company’s strategic plan.  You need to consistently make performance breakthroughs across multiple business units to outshine the competition and to conquer new markets.  Your senior production managers need Digital Lean Sigma™ Black Belt (DLS-BB) certification to lead cross-unit and cross-functional strategic improvement initiatives.  Sign up your senior leaders for this certification today.  BB training includes 4 weeks of classroom training or 2 weeks of additional training if they already have a Digital Lean Sigma™ Green Belt Certification.  Training is spread out over multiple sessions to provide an opportunity for attendees to try out the concepts in their workplaces.

Course objectives

  • Develop a robust concept of Digital Lean Sigma™  
  • Review roles and responsibilities for process improvements and digital transformation 
  • Refine project selection working with Digital Lean Sigma™ Champions 
  • Identify necessary project management skills required to implement change in processes 
  • Develop basic process mapping skills and understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence 
  • Identify basic software skills in required applications for digital transformation 

Skills gained

  • Knowledge of the “anatomy” of a Digital Lean Sigma™ project  
  • Learn and practice Advanced tools essential to achieving Digital Lean Sigma™ Breakthrough and total digital transformation 
  • Have full command of the tools critical to measuring and analyzing complex problems and implementing digital controls 
  • Equipped to guide multiple project teams in learning when and how to use the problem-solving tools in the Digital Lean Sigma™ process digital transformation 
  • Skilled to identify and resolve chronic problems and avoid costly deficiencies in processes and during transformations 

Course outline

  • Overview of Digital Lean Sigma™ and digital transformation 
  • DMAIC Methodology Overview and introduction of digitalization 
  • Financial Benefits of Digital Lean Sigma™ and digital transformation 
  • Project Management 
  • Developing a Business Case 
  • Gathering Voice of the Customer, Support for Project 
  • Translating Customer Needs into Specific Requirements (CTQs) 
  • Defining Metrics 
  • Measurement System Analysis 
  • Data Collection Techniques 
  • Calculating Sample Size 
  • Data Collection Plans and Digitalization
  • Understanding Variation 
  • Measuring Process Capability specification for digital transformation 
  • Calculating Process Sigma Level 
  • Rolled Throughput Yield and eliminating the hidden factory 
  • Visually Displaying Baseline Performance – Digitalization  
  • Cause and Effect Analysis (a.k.a. Fishbone, Ishikawa) 
  • Data Segmentation and Stratification 
  • Correlation and regression (Linear, Multiple) 
  • Process Performance (Cp, CpK, Pp, PpKCpM) 
  • Short Term Versus Long Term Capability 
  • Non-Normal Data Distribution Transformations 
  • Central Limit Theorem 
  • Goodness of Fit Testing 
  • Hypothesis Testing 
  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Two Sample T-Tests, Chi Squared Test 
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) – Full, Fractional Factorials, Advanced Designs 
  • Leading Organizational Change and Digital Transformation 
  • Case studies and examples are used to allow participants to experience real situations 


  • Certified Green Belt  
  • High school understanding of statistics 


Who should attend

Black Belts (BBs) are the heart and soul of the Digital Lean Sigma™ initiative. Typically, they are the “best of the best.” Their main purpose is to lead projects and work full time until they are complete. They work on chronic issues that negatively impact the company’s performance. Typically, all the project managers working on corporate level multi functional multi-site projects should have a Black Belt. 

What you’ll walk away with 

  • Skills to make the Digital Lean Sigma a part of day to day duties, 
  • Tools to optimize products, processes and performance and functional handovers 
  • Tools to prioritize tasks that are aligned with business strategy, 
  • Tools to assess the right items to work on and type of data to be collected 
  • Tools to identify and prioritize areas of business for automation and digital transformation. 

Organizational Benefits

  • Helps the BBs execute strategy for maximum gain and lowest costacross all functional areas 
  • Develops the BB to be an excellent change manager, project leaderand transformation leader 
  • The Organization benefits with lowest cost successful transformation projects 
  • Enables cross-functional and senior management to be fully aligned with the strategy and business vision 

Upcoming Digital Lean Sigma™ Black Belt (DLS-BB) Trainings

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