About this workshop

Typically offered to R&D and new product/ process development personnel, DFLSS is a 5-day classroom training program. Given the current business climate of rapid technological changes, greater customer expectations and increased competition, there is pressure on companies to develop and manufacture products with increased value at lower cost. Implementation of DFLSS helps companies meet and exceed these goals by applying Digital Lean Sigma™ tools to the process of new product development and portfolio management. The Design for Digital Lean Sigma™ (DFLSS) course leads participants through the process of producing breakthrough improvements in both delighting customers and reducing costs by designing these elements into the process.  

Course objectives

  • Develop the ability to capture internal and external customer’s needs, both stated and unstated.  
  • Develop the ability to translate the Voice of Customer (VoC) into critical to quality characteristics (CTQ’s)  
  • Develop capability of organizing a development team   
  • Develop skills for scaling up a product   

Skills gained

  • Add value to customer interactions by extracting unstated requirements   
  • Reduce time to market   
  • Avoid setbacks due to requirements that were not anticipated   
  • Provide a structure for managing development projects   
  • Learn about development traps without experiencing them firsthand  
  • Improve communication between marketing, development, and manufacturing   

Course outline

  • Overview of Digital Lean Sigma™ 
  • DMAIC Methodology Overview 
  • Project Management 
  • Developing a Business Case 
  • Gathering Voice of the Customer, Support for Project 
  • Translating Customer Needs into Specific Requirements (CTQs) 
  • Expected Value analysis 
  • Simple Simulation Techniques. 
  • Design for manufacturability. 
  • Quality Function Deployment (House of Quality) 
  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) 
  • Piloting Your Solution 
  • Implementation Planning 
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) Overview 
  • Developing a Process Control Plan 
  • Handing off to Manufacturing 
  • Case studies and examples are used to allow participants to experience and solve real world development cases 

Who should attend

Design for Digital Lean Sigma™, Intended Trainees – People who are in one of the following roles or intend to get into one of such roles: Scientific staff, research staff, new product development personnel, new process development, and others with responsibility for process model development and optimization and process improvements. 

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