SRA Academy is delighted to announce that we have transformed all our workshops to a fully virtual on-line experience. Our workshops continue to provide hands-on experience and team-based activities to help participants learn to use the concepts that are presented.

Digital Lean Sigma seeks to understand how systems permit and even facilitate the occurrence of errors, and provides tools to measure and reduce unwarranted variations in processes to improve outcomes. Lean Six Sigma is the best-known “revolutionary” performance improvement methods practiced at the current time. Why aren’t you using it?

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A customized training and self-sustaining plan for transforming your business.  

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30th January 2020

Cutting Inefficiency

What People Say


Naqi Hassan

Attendee - Yellow Belt, Dec-2019

“It’s an amazing course! The trainer interacted a lot with the class and controlled the pace extremely well. The atmosphere made learning so much easier. “


Abbas Zavar

Attendee - Yellow Belt, Dec-2019

“I enjoyed having Dr. Ijaz Rauf as my Master Black Belt trainer at the SRA Academy Lean Six-Sigma Yellow Belt workshop. It was apparent that Ijaz is incredibly knowledgeable in Six-Sigma. His vast real life, hands-on experience, earned him a lot of credibility with the class. His passion for six sigma helped us through some of the dryer areas of the course. His class truly helped me to update my knowledge regarding quality improvement.I highly recommend SRA Academy workshops to any organization wishing to improve quality in their processes.”


Armin Darvishzadeh

Attendee - Yellow Belt, Dec-2019

“The Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course at SRA Academy was a very productive and fun session. The instructor Dr. Ijaz A. Rauf has both practical knowledge and teaching skills. He is able to teach the difficult concepts in an easy way with the use of a variety of examples and experiments. He is also very curious to make sure that each and every participant fully understands the concepts of quality improvement. While everyone knows that quality improvement is a critical subject in almost all businesses, I had an excellent experience with SRA Academy. I recommend the course to all employers and new graduates.”


Dora Mugambi

Attendee - Yellow Belt, Dec-2019

“SRA Academy’s Yellow Belt training is an insightful journey into what process improvement really looks like in a Lean Six Sigma environment. The program content is deep yet simple enough for professionals of varied skill levels to comprehend. Dr. Ijaz, the facilitator is a master at his craft and can blend in technical aspects without losing his audience in the jargon. He weaves in practical examples and creative experiments that quickly lead to knowledge retention. I found the course excellent and would not hesitate to recommend it”