About this workshop

You are looking to make a difference in your company and to stand out from your competition. Digital Lean Sigma™ Yellow Belt training gives you that added advantage you’re looking for. In this workshop, your employees learn about the benefits of Digital Lean Sigma™ and develop the knowledge and skills to support quality improvement, automation and digital transformation projects within your organization. 

Course objectives

  • Deploy data collection and reporting strategies at the grass-root level 
  • Deploy Digital Lean Sigma™ tools at the shop floor level 
  • Equip participants with the ability to monitor process performance and sources of variability 
  • Equip participants to collect data and report it in an appropriate manner 
  • Develop an understanding of the impact of variation in individual processes on the bottom line, the overall business and eventually customers 

Skills gained

  • Basic understanding of the fundamentals of Digital Lean Sigma™ 
  • Basic process management skills  
  • Basic usage of fundamental Digital Lean Sigma™ tools 
  • Participants gain the skills necessary to identify, monitor and control profit destroying practices within their specific processes. 

Course outline

  • Introduction  
    • What is Digital Lean Sigma™  
    • Why implement Digital Lean Sigma™ 
    • Digital Lean Sigma Roles, Responsibilities and Organization 
    • Basics of Digitalization 
    • Benefits of Digitalization 
    • Foundations required for Digitalization 
  • The Enemy Named Variation 
    • Special Causes Vs Common Causes 
  • Hands-on Exercises Set #1  
    • First Pass Yield and the Hidden Factory 
    • Seeing the Enemy in Action  
  • Process Improvement and Optimization Tools  
    • Process Flow, Input Process Output and Cause and Effect Diagrams  
    • Pareto Chart. Run Chart and Control Charts 
    • Development of SoPs 
    • Histogram 
    • Introduction to FMEA 
  • Hands-on Exercises Set #2  
    • Removing the Effect of the Enemy 
  • Measuring the Cost of Poor Quality  
    • Converting Variance Reduction to $ Savings  
  • Maintaining the gain with SPC and Digital Controls 
  • Summary

Who should attend

This training is intended for the front-line employees for example: customer support workers, machine operators, technicians, production supervisors, production staff, shipping and receiving staff, supply chain staff, quality control staff, quality control inspectors.  

What you’ll walk away with

  • Ability to discuss process and operations in a scientific manner 
  • Ability to align day-to-day tasks to business strategy and vision 
  • Skills & tools to collect the right data and report it in a useful fashion 
  • Skills to perform simple data analyses 
  • Increased confidence to make decisions on their individual processes 

Organizational Benefits

  • Helps employees perform their jobs more efficiently 
  • Increases individual productivity and frees up capacity 
  • Engaged employees are better performers 
  • Increases capability, creativity and competence in operations and process improvement 
  • Aligns the grass-roots levels to business strategy and planned automations and digital transformation 

Upcoming Digital Lean Sigma™ Yellow Belt (DLS-YB) Trainings

DLS Yellow Belt Online Training – 20th May 2020

DLS Yellow Belt Online Training – 10th June 2020

DLS Yellow Belt Online Training – 30th June 2020

DLS Yellow Belt Online Training – 15th July 2020

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